My contractor & I reviewed the Provia Storm Door brochure.I selected the high end Decorator Series , #590, full view storm door.

The printed brochure & the website both clearly state that it comes with * DUAL CLOSERS * , not a closer and a cheap looking chain to hang at the top.

My contractor received the 2 doors , didn't realize the Distributor at 1110 Commerce Drive, West Chicago , IL 60185 had made a mistake when they wrote up the order on not one , but both doors.

The contractor thinking he received the correct materials to do the job , drilled holes in the Provia Storm door for the chain , which even if the chain is removed & the replaced with the closer -IT LEAVES ME WITH TWO RANDOM HOLES IN A BRAND NEW FULL PRICED DOOR.

I called Dave 11/13/13 at the distribution center in West Chicago & he is blaming my contractor for order mistakes EVEN THOUGH PROVIA'S WEBSITE STATES ***** TWO CLOSERS !!!! Not a closer & a cheap chain. Not only would Dave not admit the Distributor made order mistakes, but would not even apologize or correct them. Inexcusable behavior as my contractor just resided my entire house with their materials.They don't mind taking your money , but take no responsibility for their stupidity.

EVEN MORE IRRITATING is THERE IS NOW DAMAGE TO MY BRAND NEW FRONT DOOR FRAME... I'm remodeling the entire exterior of my house & bought new high end entry doors ( somewhere else in happy to say).

Take back the two chains that Provia sent in error for both of these very expensive storm doors, & replace them with the two closers I should have received.

Take back the Provia storm door with the chain holes drilled in it & replace it with a brand new one. This is my bleeping front door.

Pay for the damage to my new door's brick mould.

PROVIA, TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR MISTAKES . Everyone makes them - how you handle them is what defines you.

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Review about: Provia Door.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I'm getting ready to make a choice but will ask more questions before purchasing a front entrance door.


To be totally up front on who I am.... I am a ProVia distributor as well as an installing contractor.

I am totally responsible for both the ordering of the door products as well as installing them.

In this situation, it was the distributors responsibility to order the doors with dual closers. While dual closers come standard on the #590, you can also choose a single closer w/chain as an option. That's what the distributor ordered and received a deduction in price for the single closer.

ProVia produced the door as ordered.

It was not their fault that the door was ordered incorrectly. The distributor should take the responsibility and make this right. Or, your installing contractor should take responsibility if he signed off on the order with only a single closer.

Today, no one wants to take responsibility to own their mistakes. They want to blame everyone but themselves.

It's always someone else's fault.

But, in this case.... the fault does NOT lie with ProVia.

Independence, Ohio, United States #971674

Hi Zman, thank you for doing your research. We too despise poor customer service.

In fact we endeavor to provide the best service in the industry.

If you choose to purchase a ProVia product, I believe you will be among the vast majority of homeowners who are delighted with our quality products and excellent service. To find a dealer in your area, please visit www.proviaproducts.com/wtb

Milton, Massachusetts, United States #971371

Thank you for all the comments. I was looking for Provia storm Doors but reading these comments makes me think twice about Provia. I hate bad customer service..!!!


The comments posted here do not properly represent ProVia products and customer service. ProVia’s customer service dept.

spoke with this consumer on Nov. 13 and arranged to have new components sent to her contractor that would resolve her issue. ProVia strives to resolve consumer issues quickly and fairly.

In most cases, the contractors, dealers or distributors who work directly with the homeowner are able to manage these issues themselves by working with ProVia’s customer service team. Consumers are invited to view ProVia’s consumer complaints policy at http://www.proviaproducts.com/provia-product-complaints to find out the best way to pursue any product claims.


The distributor's solution was to sell me a new door at full price. Their response was that they would not admit their mistake. Hardly a solution in anyone's book.

Madison, Alabama, United States #781052

man up if you make a mistake


What is unfortunate is that incorrect information has been given here, and does not represent either companies the Distributor or ProVia accurately. A solution was offered and never responded too.

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