Attica, New York
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Provia storm doors said they would correct the problem with custom doors....but they sent almost the same door still with a partial screen and unsightly mullions. Now I can't get anyone to help me. They keep referring me to the dealer Armor builders of Batavia who keeps stalling. We are really frustrated! These were expensive doors that were supposed to be nice. We just want to return them it's been 3 months since we ordered! Maybe I should post a nice picture of my boarded up doorway or put a sign up to warn people That Provia doesn't stand by there products.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with ProVia. The most disappointing about provia door from ProVia was customer service, quality and can only deal with dealer Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The two older negative comments are outrageous, leaving me to wonder whether or not they are Provia employees. Provia has a reputation that they do not deserve.

They are overpriced, under-engineered, and have poor customer service.

Avoid Provia if you want quality. Contractors, on the other hand, like them because of $$$!

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States #1336941

My thought exactly! This is a person who will never be happy.

Is this door the focus of your entire being? Move along...get a life....stop being a cry baby.

Just because the waitress put the wrong dressing on your salad, does not mean that the entire steak dinner and drinks are free! You are a ***, a greedy *** looking for any oppurtunity to get something for free.


............sounds like your one of those home owners nobody wants to deal with. nothing ever makes you happy, your always getting screwed........Have dealt with Provia Products for many years.

One of the best door company's out there.

Never had any problems with there products or warranties. Only problem I ever have is with the occasional problem home owner that can't be pleased.

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